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What is replacement for SP50/SP100?

The SunPro2000 not only replaces the SP50/SP100 but also replaces the Select 207XL and Select 207XLS

Can I use a SunPro1000 or SunPro2000 to control my electric immerser?

A SunPro1000 or SunPro2000 cannot be used to control an immerser. The maximum rating of both units is 3(1)A, many immerser units require 16A - 20A.  Therefore the SunPro100 & SunPro2000 is incapable of carrying 
the current that an immerser unit requires. There are no SUNVIC controls suitable for use with an 

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We're waiting to help on +44 (0)1698 812 944

We're waiting to help on +44 (0)1698 812 944