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The SunPro3000 programmer is truly an 'all-in one' programmer built for ease of use and ease of installation. As well as 7D, 5/2D & 24H programming options we have added some great features such as 'Holiday' mode, which programmes the heating system for up to 60 days. Other notable features include frost protection, ensuring that the system activates when temperature falls below a dangerous temperature and Advance & Boost buttons, allowing the HW or CH to be activated for a short period should the householder wish the HW or CH to be ON during a programmed "OFF" time. Default preset times allows the unit to be quickly setup. These times can be easily changed by the installer or user to suit the precise requirements of the householder. The large display makes it easy for any consumer to read and programme.

Product Code: 4973300

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  • Features & Benefits

Key features include:

  • Independent control of HW & 2 CH zones - aids Part L compliance
  • Selectable 7D, 5/2D or 24H - stock 1 unit instead of 3
  • 3, 2 or 1 On/Off times per day - saves energy
  • Advance & Boost facility - overrides set programmes
  • Holiday mode - saves energy when building is empty or asleep
  • Easy set up - saves on installation time
  • Back light selection mode - easy to see in unlit areas
  • Large easy to read displays - helps the visually impaired
  • Automatic summer time adjustments - reduces installer call-backs
  • Frost protection  - protects against sudden temperature drops

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We're waiting to help on +44 (0)1698 812 944

We're waiting to help on +44 (0)1698 812 944