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Energy Saving

Save Energy

It is possible to save energy, save money, reduce carbon emissions and still achieve a comfortable room temperature.

Heating control systems incorporating electronic room thermostats with TPI technology makes this goal a reality.

The use of thermostats, such as the Sunvic TLX 1000 range, utilising Time Proportional Integral technology (also known as chrono-proportional control) help optimise the performance of a central heating system.

TPI technology ensures that the slow reaction time of conventional thermostats is a thing of the past. Electronic thermostats with TPI technology react much more quickly to small changes in temperature. Room temperatures are therefore kept much closer to the chosen comfortable setting.

Latest research suggests that TPI technology can achieve a saving of up to 10% per annum. A TPI enabled, room thermostat can therefore give a return on investment of less than 6 months.

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We're waiting to help on +44 (0)1698 812 944

We're waiting to help on +44 (0)1698 812 944