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Why retrofit a wireless programmable room thermostat?

Wireless programmable room thermostats are the ideal product for the retrofitmarket. The wireless (RF) aspect means that installation is easier, more cost effective and faster. No wiring is necessary between the transmitter and the receiver and so re-decoration is not required. The more advanced models on themarket operate at a higher frequency (868MHz) rather than 433MHz associated with older designs. Units operating in this frequency range also tend to suffer less from interference from other electronic devices operating in the vicinity. They are able to operate at ranges up to 60m rather than the standard 30m of lower frequency devices.

Wireless programmable room thermostats allow the user to control both the room temperature and the time heating is ON or OFF. Superior models allow the user to select different temperatures at different times of the day and days of the week. A unit that offers fine tuning of multiple pre-set programmes, allowing up to, say 12 ON/OFFs per 24-hour period and features 7-day, 5/2-day or 24-hour programming options ensures maximum savings can be made. The ideal unit will have an Economy / Comfort mode allowing the heating to be at a more economic level when the household is asleep or no one is at home.

A wireless programmable room thermostat that offers a frost protection option should also be considered. This feature overrides the set programmes if the property temperature falls below say 7°C, thus ensuring no frozen pipes and boiler protection.

Heating controls, such as the TLX RFPv from Sunvic, that have a large clear display and are easy to set up are essential if the full energy saving benefit is to be achieved.

The latest programmable room thermostats offer free standing transmitter units, allowing the user to select which room they wish to closely control. Volt free switching, making the unit suitable for use with combination boilers, also gives the installer maximum flexibility and should be considered before purchase.

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