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MoMo v SR motorised zone valves

The motorised valve is probably the hardest working component in 'wet' domestic central heating systems. Sunvic Controls' Motor On/Motor Off (MoMo) valves only operate when the valve changes position, resulting in greater reliability and longer life. Independent testing has shown the MoMo to be 96% more energy efficient than similar spring return versions. The homeowner saves on electricity and enjoys a longer component life as wear and tear on the valve and actuator components (such as the synchronous motor) are reduced during longer 'Off' periods.

Patented 'slipseal' technology provides a tight valve shut-off and enables improved flow rates, reduced pressure losses and less turbulence within the valve chamber. This unique 'slipseal' feature is self-cleaning, further enhancing the life of the product.

The 2-port MoMo and 3-port MoMo both use simple industry standard wiring. They are easy to install and can readily replace almost all domestic spring return valves making them suitable for both new-build and refurbishment/upgrade applications. All MoMo valves have a valve position indicator and a robust manual thumbwheel to simplify commissioning.

Industry-standard valve body dimensions mean minimal, if any, pipework changes. No changeover thermostats or special relays are required. Additionally, valve actuator replacement does not require system drain-down.

If energy efficiency and high reliability are important in your application, consider Sunvic Controls' MoMo products. The MoMo range was designed and is fully manufactured in theUK.



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