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Sunvic products are reliable and easy to install and use. We manufacture products in the UK and we believe that we offer our customers products that their own customers will be extremely happy with. Competitively priced, functionally great, and with terrific energy saving features, we know that you will be happy installing Sunvic products.

SunPro1000/2000 Programmers & Timers Easy to use & easy to programme
Image Programmable Room Thermostats Control time and temperature
umbraco.MacroEngines.DynamicXml Electronic Room Thermostats Highly accurate and energy saving
TLX 9000 Electromechanical Room Thermostats Our most popular product range
Image Rod Thermostats For safety critical applications use a rod stat with a safety cut-out
Image Motorised Zone Valves The hardest working component in any heating system
Image Thermostatic Radiator Valves Control the temperature in individual rooms
Image Auxiliary Products Everything you need to complete your heating system
Image Heat Packs A selection of energy saving products in one pack
TLX1010 Wireless Wireless makes installation quick and easy
Image Energy Saving Reduce your fuel bill and reduce the buildings carbon footprint
Smart Controls Control of Heating via WiFi

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We're waiting to help on +44 (0)1698 812 944

We're waiting to help on +44 (0)1698 812 944